Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Ashiff Sharizad
the Aliff Intentionally written as a dominant letter pointing upwards to enhance the pride of the persona itself....

Datum is directed diagonally to fit the Diwani Characteristics...

Mohd Amirul Hakim
emphasize on the word 'amir'
means prince, leader, head, shows the hierarchy
of the whole image...

Abdul Rahman
Kufic Calligraphy
Vertical Composition
Symmetrical Axis Control
Read From Right to Left

Monday, March 1, 2010

Wan Zulfadli Wan Abdul Samad

Muliamin Adam

Diwani- Alim
Purposely leaved blank to emphasize the hierarchy of the calligraphy.
Alim in arabic term means 'Know', related to a person who have a knowledge on something, either knowledge about education, technology or anything.
separated by the letter, 'Ain, Lam, Ya', Mim
to be read from right to left...